In world of finance, having access to the right information at the right time is an important feature. It is essential for brokers or financial advisors to have all the answers and to provide required data while on call with client or soon after. Investors, brokers and others are required to stay up to date on current events and financial news are important source of information. In today’s world, an immense amount of articles is published every day. Some are simply stating facts, some are just clickbaits with unimportant news and some carry really important informations and analysis.

SFA (Summary of Financial Articles) software tool helps users to focus on important informations and to get vital insights from all the data. SFA enables users to quickly navigate through the data by augmenting articles with smart metadata, provided by artificial intelligence. The system performs analysis of all published articles using NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods and generates descriptive metadata, that can’t be otherwise obtained, given the amount of published articles every day.

Aggregated financial news

Augmented with NLP

❛❛ When it comes to investing, news and reaction time can make or break an investor. ❜❜

Robust API

Application is built on top of robust API, containing comprehensive options for filtering or sorting. By using API, users can customize which informations are the most important for the daily routine.

Easy to integrate into your system

Thanks to API, it's easy to integrate news aggregator into your internal system or application. The news can be seamlessly adapted into the application design and become part of daily routine for all the brokers.

No need to open another external application

Opening external applications or web browsers might be distracting when trying to focus on analysis of specific topic. API integration allows to access all information from within the internal system without ever leaving the application.

All news are processed using advanced NLP methods in order to understand the essence of published article. By leveraging artificial intelligence based on huge learning dataset, we are able to create executive summary of every article, so gaining knowledge from all the news is much more effective and quicker. Original article is still accessible, it’s just augmented with short summary for more convenience. 

No need to read whole article

Thanks to short summary of each article, there is no need to open the link and read whole article. The summary is much quicker to read and still contain essential informations. Summaries are based on the actual content, so users can avoid so called "clickbaits" where the content does not correspond to headline of the article.

Quick status info about a ticker

When doing analysis on specific ticker, it's much easier to just filter the relevant ticker and read all summarized info from all available articles in compact form.

Executive summary

News sentiment

In order to further enhance information value gained from the news, every article is also subject to sentiment analysis. As an addition to executive summary, positive and negative sentiment is another key piece of information complementing overall perception of given topic.

Quickly find overall market perception

Articles written in neutral tone might not be a good source of viable informations. It's quite powerful to have the ability to filter out neutral news and focus on strongly polarized news. Users can quickly compare number of positive versus negative articles and find out what is analysts prevalent feeling of the market.

Monitor changes in sentiment

It's much easier to find out overall sentiment perception of selected ticker. By following sentiment of given ticker on regular basis, it's also possible to monitor historic sentiment timeline, observe trends, quickly detect changes.


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