Quickly obtain information about the product

Are you in the market for a new product and you don’t know which one to pick? We will help you decide among all the variants, models and manufactures. For every product we will show you in neatly and organized way, which features are evaluated by real users positively and which negatively. You will quickly find pros and cons, in which area given product excels and what is considered as a weak spot. If you are looking for specific features, you can sort the products by your own criteria.

E-shop product portfolio refresh

Do you consider introducing new products into your portfolio? Do you wonder which product features are preferred among customers and what cannot be missing at product description? All these information are hidden in various reviews and technical articles.

Do you think the main decision factor is price? It is not always true. We are able to extract the main topics discussed among users, from all the reviews, professional tests or articles. We can also identify user’s sentiment towards products or services. We can do all the above in multiple languages, with special expertise in Czech and Slovak.

For instance, we have already processed over half a million user reviews in segment of digital cameras.

Manufacture management

Do you want to know in advance which part of manufacture should be scaled up or scaled down respectively? Are you afraid that some products or components will be just laying down at the warehouse due to low demand? Even though you sell your products through a wide network of distributors, or your components are just a sub-part of more complex end user products, you can still deduce popularity from publicly available reviews and estimate future demand from your customers. At the same time it is possible to uncover and fix weak points of your product, based on negative reviews from previous consumers.

Brand awareness

No doubt many of you have seen flame wars between fans of Android and Apple iOS. But do you know what people say about your brand, where you stand against your competitors? 

You can find out prevailing consumer’s sentiment towards your products in public reviews. You can often find here positive comments saying company XYZ creates reliable products or you can find negative comments regarding an outdated design for example. Both positive and negative comments may be used for crafting your brand awareness, emphasize the positives and remedy the negatives.