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Thanks to mobile application Opinio you can quickly go through reviews, experiences and evaluations of genuine consumers.

Surveys suggests that consumers read on average 10 online reviews, before they start trusting local business, cafe, restaurant or a vegetable market for instance.

Imagine you can have all the info from thousands of reviews in form, which you can read faster than those 10 most recent ones.

hodnocení produktů - agregované recenze a zkušenosti

Smart aggregator of reviews

recenze a zkušenosti spotřebitelů

Opinio - product reviews

Application Opinio enables users to quickly find out opinions, experiences and evaluations of genuine consumers. The platform is regularly processing reviews from ever growing set of online sources. 

  1. Application presents clear overview of informations collected from all the reviews.
  2. Evaluation criteria are naturally arising from analysed reviews and are based on the most frequently mentioned features and parameters of processed products.
  3. There is no need to search through bunch of reviews about your next phone, this app will do that for you.

Detailed evaluation

Product sheet contains list of all evaluated features, the features can be sorted according to your preferences. For example it’s possible to prefer the worst rated features or the ones with mixed feelings, represented by balanced number of positive and negative opinions.

  1. Number of both positive and negative feedbacks is listed for every feature.
  2. For every feature there is also overall rating (0–100 ​%), calculated from number of positive and negative opinions.
  3. You can quickly see both strengths and weaknesses of your selected product.
detail produktu a jeho hodnocení
porovnávač produktů na základě hodnocení

Product comparator

Narrowed down your selection to few products and still can’t decide which one to buy? The application will let you easily compare your pre-selected products and pick the winner based on evaluation of particular features.

  1. Our unique overall product score will help you very quickly find out which of the candidates is the best valued.
  2. If score is not enough, you can still go over all the features and carefully compare achieved results for every product.
  3. Every score contains number of opinions, which participated on the feature evaluation.

Score favours fresh opinions

Our unique overall product score is aware of the review’s age. Study shows that as much as 85 % participants ignore reviews older than 3 months.

  1. Our unique algorithm, among other things, naturally decreases overall score of the product, in case there are no new reviews. The reason is, couple of years old smartphone’s display usually can’t stand up to new ones, even though it was the best one at the time. 
  2. When searching or comparing, more emphais is put on new reviews rather than old ones.
  3. Ageing products are naturally pushed down into background, despite they have been the top in the segment at their times.
skóre produktů
vaše hodnocení

Your own reviews in Opinio

Do you agree or disagree with the current score of the product you own? Let us know!. The app enables registered users to write their own reviews, which are then included back into computation of the overall score.

  1. You can influence the evaluation with your own opinion.
  2. You can contribute to overall quality, precision and correctness of presented information. 
  3. We value your experience!


This application was created in collaboration of Cyrrus Advisory, a.s. and Institute of Informatics, Mendel University in Brno.

The purpose of the application is to make life easier for consumers when shopping for products, by leveraging automatic processing of online reviews.

In case of any problems, please contact us directly for quick and satisfactory solution of your problem. We would also like to receive your valuable feedback and hear your opinions, reactions, recommendations or suggestions for improvements.

We want to know your opinion!

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